Erectile Dysfunction

Few things are harder or more important to discuss for men than erectile dysfunction. Not only can erectile dysfunction decrease quality of life for a man and be a cause of relational strain, but also a sign of physical health problems. Several factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction and many can be easily treated.

Erectile dysfunction may be caused by andropause or low testosterone (learn more here) resulting in poor libido and erectile strength. Testosterone replacement therapy is often indicated in men with andropause. The cause may also be a mechanical failure, for as men age their prostate frequently enlarges reducing the amount of blood flow to the penis. Certain untreated medical conditions (ie. benign prostatic hyperplasia and diabetes) as well as lifestyle choices (ie. smoking) can exacerbate the diminished blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction is often successfully treated with medications that increase blood flow to the penis (Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, Stendra, and Viagra). However, men should have a physical exam prior to starting these medications to ensure there are not other underlying health problems.


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