Annual Physicals

Family Physician DentonFew things in medicine are more understated in its importance to one’s health than the annual physical exam. Insurance companies along with recent legislative changes aknowledge this fact by providing one at no cost to the patient. The benefit stems from the early detection of acute and chronic diseases, which can result in earlier treatment and better outcomes. An annual exam in and of itself provides limited information as to the health status of the patient on that given day. However, serial annual exams provide a fuller picture and allows the provider to recognize any potential deviations. Family Physician Denton. It is not uncommon to wait to seek care until there is an obvious physical ailment, however, the human body is quite efficient at compensating until it no longer can. This results in the problem being further along and more difficult to manage. Many times just having the knowledge of potential health problems on the horizon is enough for the patient to make positive lifestyle decisions.

Here at FMNTX common things checked during the annual physical exam include (but are not limited to):

Liver Function
Kidney Function
Thyroid Function
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
Skin Assessment
Hormone Levels (testosterone, etc.)
Prostate Health

As well as other items as indicated by the patient’s family or personal health history.

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Family Physician Denton