Nexplanon Denton

Nexplanon 4NEXPLANON Denton is a small, soft, and flexible birth control implant—it’s just 4 centimeters in length. Your health care provider places it discreetly under the skin on the inside of your upper arm. This means it’s hidden from view. NEXPLANON provides up to 3 years of continuous pregnancy prevention.* That means no more daily, weekly, or monthly dosing routine.

Once inserted, NEXPLANON is over 99% effective, just like the pill. But there’s a difference—with NEXPLANON, you don’t have to remember to take it every day.

Nexplanon is a progesterone only birth control option, making it a great alternative for smokers or women who do not tolerate estrogens.  The Nexplanon placement is done in office under local anesthetic, common side effects are temporary tenderness to the insertion site, irregular bleeding, and nausea.  After 3 months many women have little or no bleeding with their cycles.



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*NEXPLANON can be removed at any time. It must be removed by the end of the third year and may be replaced by a new NEXPLANON at the time of removal, if continued contraceptive protection is desired